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About me

I am a versatile, experimenting and creative person. I work and develop in a great variety of techniques, such as: ceramics, painting, graphics, collage, and linocut. I sometimes opt for a mixture of techniques.

In my works there are often such directions as: animalism, realism, primitivism, abstractionism.
Often they don’t have clearly defined boundaries and smoothly pass from one to another, being in continuous development, mixing and counteraction.

The process itself is very important to me, from a flashed idea to its realization.

A separate chapter in my work is the theme of nature. I am interested in finding interesting material about plants and animals, studying different

forms of flora and fauna, I like not only to talk about this amazing world of our planet, but also to recreate it in painting,
small sculpture, linocuts and graphics.

The diversity of flora and fauna living in different corners of our planet amazes the most skillful artists by their colours, shapes and incredible qualities.

Our whole world is one huge ecosystem. The living organisms that make up

the Earth’s biosphere distinguish our planet from other known cosmic bodies.
It’s very sad to think that many animals and plants may disappear
as a result of human activity. Lots of species are constantly dwindling.

I want to simply capture as many species as possible so that they are not forgotten.
My works reflect the recorded time of today.
I artificially move animals from different habitats to people’s environment.

In addition to taking art classes in educational institutions, I am engaged in implementing various art projects,

participating in group exhibitions and organising solo exhibitions. I actively collaborate with other artists.